June 2018

The summer seminar was held at the new Lab Offices, Buckfast Abbey on June 5th and 6th.

Mary Anne McFarlane, CSP fellow and former Chief Probation Officer for Devon and Cornwall, described her work in setting up a programme to deal with with low-level young offenders in Romania. She discussed the theoretical, practical and cross-cultural issues that had to be addressed and the development process that led to the final design. Ross Hommel, Foundation Professor of Criminology at Griffith University, Queensland, then discussed his plans for setting up a national centre for prevention science infrastructure in Australia (see CSP website papers).

The next day, Caroline Davis from Families for Children, an adoption agency serving the South West, explained the issues surrounding adoption in the UK in 2018 and, finally, Shreya Sonthalia and Daniel Ellis from the Service Design Lab described their work on system dynamic modelling designed to improve the management of chid care services in four English local authorities.