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The Centre for Social Policy was established in 1995 to provide a resource for people who have left posts connected to established organisations or who work independently. It is a facility to be used as fellows wish but it provides them with a link to a multi-disciplinary peer group and enables them to keep up-to-date with current issues. It is an activity within the larger charity, The Warren House Group (WHG) at Dartington, which includes the Social Research Unit.



Fellows contribute to these other group activities by, for example, joining project advisory groups, serving on the WHG ethical committee, offering advice to researchers, contributing to the Unit’s website Prevention Action and assisting with the editorial work associated with the Unit’s Journal of Children’s Services.  The Centre comprises over 70 fellows from five countries and representing nine disciplines. The current officers are: James Wetz (Chair), Roger Bullock (Treasurer) and Kate Moule (Secretary).

Future Seminars

Herewith the series of events for the remainder of 2016.  

15/16 November 2016 - Dartington Hall 

Attendance requests & requirements will be emailed to fellows nearer to the date of each event.

Further details about the events are highlighted below.




November 2016

Tuesday November 15th and Wednesday 16th November - Dartington Hall.  


Professor Paul Bywaters (Coventry University); Professor Brid Featherstone (Huddersfield University); and Professor Kate Morris (University of Sheffield).

Identifying and Understanding Inequalities in Child Protection Intervention Rates: a comparative study of the four UK nations.  

More detail is here.


Joyce Moseley  (CSP Fellow)

Young adults (18-25) Are they Children,Adults or in a World of their Own? More details here.

Aine Rose Kelly  (University of Oxford)

The effects of percieved early childhood attachment on the eating behaviour of separated children. More details here.


The full programme for the day can be found here.

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