June 2016

The June CSP meeting was held on the afternoon of Tuesday the 14th and the morning of Wednesday the 15th June 2016 at Lower Hood Barn, Dartington (offices of the Social Research Unit) with accommodation and evening meal at Dartington Hall.

Contributions included:

Bodies, Babies and Boundaries - Miranda Davies (Coram/BAAF, London)Getting it Right for Every Child - a co-ordinated framework to promote the well-being of children in Scotland - Jane Aldgate, Professor Emeritus University of Leicester and The Open University

A model of alternative education provision for students pushed out of school - James Wetz, Chair of CSP and Co-Chair for the Consortium for Emotional Wellbeing in Schools

Communities that Care: A review of prevention and early intervention programmes tested and found effective in Europe - Nick Axford, Head of What Works, Dartington Social Research Unit

Roger Bullock