December 2020

A zoom seminar was held on the 2nd and 3rd December 2020. 

The programme opened with Jenny Simpson (Nottingham Trent University) discussing A reconceptualisation of 'contact' between separated young people and their families in the light of new technologies.(SLIDES).

Then, Patrick Diamond (Queen Mary College, London), Tim Hobbs (Dartington Service Design Lab) and Roger Bullock (CSP) discussed How should research, journal publications and social science teaching respond to the ideologies underpinning Brexit and the political drift to the right, manifest in the thinking and policies ideas of many current international leaders?

On the second day, Finlay Green (Dartington Service Design Lab) discussed the Lab’s research into Becoming A Man (BAM) - a group based intervention with adolescent boys in Lambeth, an initiative designed to improve education outcomes and reduce criminal activity by promoting positive youth development (SLIDES).

In the final sessions, Ray Jones, retired social work manager and university professor , discussed his recent book In Whose Interest? The Privatisation of child protection and social work (SLIDES).