December 2019

The seminar at Buckfast Abbey on December 4th and 5th had five contributions.

Nigel Lowe, Emeritus Professor at Cardiff Law School discussed an international project to harmonise European family law and construct a charter giving an ‘ideal type’ and standard for countries to compare themselves with others when fashioning policy. Nigel’s slides are HERE.

The second session showed the final version of the recording of the interview with Mervyn Murch, Emeritus Professor at Cardiff Law School, covering his life’s work in reforming family law and recommendation in his recent book Supporting Children whose Parents Separate.

Matt Woolgar, consultant psychologist, then discussed the special edition of Adoption and Fostering, co-edited with John Simmonds, on The Impact of Neurobiological Sciences on Family Placement Policy and Practice. Matt’s slides will arrive shortly and be posted here in due course.

This was followed by Michael Gorman, a retired virtual head for looked after children, talking about establishing this new role and its achievements so far. Mike’s slides are HERE.

Finally, Dan Lyus and Gareth Dix, South West Clore Fellows, discussed their work on social prescribing and the ways that their organisations were providing activities to complement medical treatments.