December 2018

The December 18 seminar held at Buckfast Abbey comprised four presentations.

  1. The first was by Nick Axford from PenCLAHRC at the University of Plymouth who discussed the concept of early intervention and how thinking on this is changing in view of the findings from its application in a variety of settings.
  2. Heather Price from the University of East London and Mike Staines from the Mulberry Bush School then described new developments in researching therapeutic practice for severely traumatised children, drawing the outcomes from a series of projects undertaken at the school.
  3. Professor Martin Platt, director of PenCHORD, University of Exeter, explained the methods used by NICE to evaluate the value of new treatments and the criteria and processes that inform the decision by the NHS about whether or not to introduce them.
  4. Finally, Deon Simpson and Finlay Green from the Dartington Service Design Lab explained the model of Rapid Cycle Testing, citing their work on adaptations to the Family Nurse Partnership programme as an illustration.